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Meratol is a product that has received a lot of attention from the media recently and there is a lot of hype surrounding it with regards to the claim that it can help you lose weight without much effort on your part.

Whilst this is true to an extent, you should not regard it as some kind of miracle or wonder pill. It is in fact a highly researched and clinically proven solution that attacks weight loss from four different angles:

  1. Suppresses your appetite so you consume fewer calories
  2. Burns the calories you do consume and turns them in to energy
  3. Blocks up to 82% of the carbohydrates you consume
  4. Speeds up your metabolism to burn away those stubborn fatty deposits

It is rare to find a clinically proven product that helps with weight loss from so many different angles, let alone one that is free from any known side effects. However, that is what you get from Meratol - a complete, natural solution to weight loss without the risk of any ill-effects.

In our opinion Meratol is the first product you should try when looking to lose weight, see if other users agree with us with the user reviews below.

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User Reviews:

Meratol Reviews, 3.8 out of 5 based on 156 ratings
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  1. I first started using Meratol 3 months ago after a friend recommended it to me. It was pretty new then and hadnt had all the publicity it has had now. I must admit I was pretty skeptical at the time as the website made some very strong claims and you hear so much about scam pills these days.

    Still, as my friend recommended it I decided to give it a try and I am so please I did.

    On average I have lost 3 pounds a week and I am pleased to say that I have now reached my ideal weight! I have no doubts that Meratol has helped me do this as I my weight had yo-yoed on different diets and slimming products for years.

    I am now continuing to take Meratol in smaller doses (one pill every 2-3 days) to help me maintain my weight. I have spoken to my doctor and he said because the ingredients are all natural then there should be no long term ill effects of taking it although he did say he couldnt give me a 100% guarantee on that.

    Still, I am happy and have already recommended it to several of my friends who were keen to know how I had lost so much weight!

    • Do you work for Meratol?

      • No I dont work for meratol, and I found that it made no difference to me. I returned the unused sealed tablets and the half that I had used and expected a full refund as meratol state in their advertising. Two months later, five phone calls and two emails NOTHING!!!

        Any ideas?

    • 0 stars from me! I’ve used it for 2 months without losing a single pound. I experienced no effects at all – just the loss of £60.00.

    • I have used this for 2 months and actually PUT ON 6 lbs. This product simply does not work and is a waste of money.

    • Hi Ruth
      Nice to read of your success. I am new to Meratol I do think I eat a sensible diet and have recently bought some exercise dvd’s but I have lost next to nothing over a 4-5 week period. So thought I’d gave Meratol a shot. What did you do apart from taking the pills?????
      I need to lose a good stone. I think I need to mention I have recently been very ill and lost over a stone whilst in hospital over a 5-6 week period. That’s almost 3 months ago now but I am thinking my lack of weigh lost since I came out of hospital may have more to do with my body concentrating on recovery than further weigh lose.
      However I do need to move ahead and get myself into a better shape than |I was. Can You help???

  2. Meratol is a good product both me and my mum have been using it for a while now and we have both lost a load of weight. I give it 5 stars.

  3. Not sure what all the fuss is about really – I tried Meratol for a month and hardly noticed any difference – it just didnt seem to do it for me.

    That said one of my mates down the pub swears by it so maybe it was just me!

  4. I have tried a lot of diets in the past few years and although some made me lose weight, after I went back to eat normally again I regained more then I lost before. This was really frustrating and I almost lost hope to get slim again.

    One day I stumbled over an article about Meratol. I am actually against weight loss pills. But when I read that all the ingredients are natural I thought why not give it a try. And it was the best thing I could do. Without any effort I lost continuously weight and have now the weight I always wanted.

    Meratol helped me to become the person I always wanted to be. I am more active than ever and three weeks ago I met a man I could imagine to spend the rest of my life with.

    Meratol made all my dreams come true.

  5. 4 stars from me – I really liked the ease of the product only having to take one a day. I also saw pretty good results too losing 4 pounds in each of my first two weeks and then 2 pounds a week pretty consistently since then.

    The downside I would say is the price. It costs £30 for a bottle which lasts a month which is a lot to me. Still I guess its probably worth that amount when I look at the results I have achieved.

  6. I was always the sporty type, loved to play football and went running every day. But after a serious knee injury I couldn’t do any sport anymore. The result was that I gained a lot of weight. But also I myself changed. I got a real couch potato and my wife was not happy about that at all. We used to be a very spontaneous couple, but after my accident I lost the will do anything apart from watching TV and eating.

    When my wife gave me an ultimatum to either put myself together and lose weight or she will leave me I had to react. So I gave Meratol a shot. And it worked, I lost pound after pound. And with every pound I lost I regained my activity and vitality.

    You could say Meratol saved my marriage. We have a beautiful son now :o )

  7. I tried Meratol following a recommendation of a friend. But it had no effect what so ever. The only thing it did was made lose £30.

    Not impressed.

    • Hi Blossom,

      I am really surprised about your comment. Are you sure you used it according to instructions? I took it as well and it worked fine. I lost all the weight I wanted to.
      There were no ill effects and I thought it was well worth the £30.

    • I agree with Allison – are you sure you used it right Blossom?

      I mean admittedly I have only been using it for a few days so the jury is still out but even in the short time I have been using it I have noticed my jeans are already not as tight as they used to be. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones although looking at the number of positive reviews it seems there are quite a few of us – maybe you just got a dud bottle!

    • My husband and I have been using it strictly according to the instructions and it has not worked at all. We have spent £75 – a total waste of money. We are not impressed either.

  8. I have been using Meratol for a month now and have already lost 9 pounds. I feel great and I am starting to look great now too! I only ordered a 2 months supply but wish I had ordered more….just ordered another 3 months worth and looking forward to continuing to lose weight over Christmas for the first time ever!

    • dear Judy, awaiting my order, delayed , due to high demand!! I have ordered a 2month supply, did you get them from official website? and also have you gone onto a low fat diet?

      Its really nice to hear that something has worked, I have been taking applecider tablets for a while, and they are a good diuretic, but as I need to lose 4stone, I cant wait to use them, I am under no illusion that there is no such thing as a magic pill, I think you will agree, if you start dropping the weight you feel more energetic ?

      • Hi Guys I oredered 30th Dec and still haven’t received them I have e-mailed and phoned to know avail does anyone know whats going on nearly 3 weeks is a joke does that mean will have to order a month in advance.

        • Hi hope you have received your pills by now. I ordered mine on 30th Dec and only received them 5 days ago. They said that a large batch of pills had gone missing in the royal mail. Dont know how much of that is true but they are defo worth the wait. Only been taking them for four days now and have already lost 3 pound. keep me posted

        • I ordered mine on 12/30/10 and received it on 1/31/11. So it took a month to get it. After 2 weeks I e-mailed them to inquire as to the status & come to find out Royal mail had lost it (I’m in the US). I’m thinking if it works I’ll have to reorder it a month in advance, too!

  9. Just ordered some after reading all of the meratol reviews online and seeing so many positive comments. My friend told me about it and she has been pleased with the results – I will let you know how I get on.

  10. Just ordered mine and cant wait to receive them and get started!!! Are all of you who are losing weight following a particular diet?

  11. Unfortunatley in my research, everything I find is on websites that have a vested interested in keeping any review of meratol favourable. I’m actually trying to find clinical evidence of its efficacy and drawing a blank. It’s maddening. It’s making me really cross with Google and their adwords, and trickster agencies pushing up the list on searches. We’re told that over 100,000 people have bought meratol in the us since Oct 10- then why are there not more favourable testimonials. Given the population of the us and those who are obese, 100k seems quite low to me for the take up of this ‘miracle’ pill. If you have any useful sites that could point me in the right direction, I’d be grateful.

    • Hi Sally – I dont think the Meratol formula as a whole has been clinically proven which may be why your research hasnt thrown much up. However the individual components of the formula have each been clinically proven I believe – there is some information on that on the medical studies page of their website.

      As for the testimonials, as far as I know the product is still pretty new – at least it is here in the UK anyway so it could be that a lot of people are still trying it out. Thats part of the reason I set up this site actually….because it was hard to find testimonials so this provides a place where people can say what they want without anything being edited by people with a vested interest.

      • Thanks for this. The Meratol www doesn’t actually give details of any clinical trials even for the individual components. I’ve tried looking elsewhere for the actual evidence for the separate components and all I get is a site saying that they’ve been clinically proven but with no citation for me to look up (same as the Meratol www). I know you say it’s only been going for a short while here, I agree, but since Oct 10 in the US, that means people should lost roughly 2.5 stone as a conservative estimate if the pills are working as they should. I can’t believe Meratol are not showing loads of examples of people who’ve lost say 2 stone from the US, all they show and all related sites, is a picture of ONE woman who’s lost weight.. ONE woman! That’s ridiculous, if this product is so amazing why haven’t they followed up with lots of people? They have marketing dollars by the bucket and they’ve not done simple case studies. I really want this product to work, but I don’t want to waste money if it’s a big, fat phoney. You know what I mean? Cheers

    • I so agree Sally. It seems as if there is a void of information unless it is tacitly or overtly linked to the meratol manufacturers. I am still waiting for my bottle to be delivered. I have a feeling I have contributed to a scam. But I’ll let you know. It’s not just too good to be true – it’s too media managed to be true!

      • I agree with Emma, I feel I have contributed to a scam. Like a fool I bought 3 months supply but have had nothing. I can’t get through on the phone and my e-mails remain unanswered. If I ever receive it I will let you know. Their website states they are proud of their customer service!

        • It definately is not a scam….at least its not a scam as far as you will get what you ordered. Where it works or not I do not know yet.

          I ordered 2 months supply on Boxing Day and it only turned up on Saturday. Like you I was getting concerned they had ripped me off as I couldnt get through to their customer support. I finally got through last Wednesday and they said that because of recent unexpected media exposure there was a really high demand which they were struggling to keep up with.

          They said that because of that orders werre going out slower than normal and then also because of the recent bad weather and Christmas some people were waiting longer to recieve the order even after it has been sent out.

          The latter part is probably true as I ordered some stuff from Amazon on Boxing Day too and a few things from there still havent turned up! Not sure how much media exposure Meratol has had but it seems like a reasonable explanation.

          I am sure your packages will turn up soon – lets hope they are worth the wait! Ill let you know if I get any results from them.

          • I ordered mine on 29th December and am still waiting. To be fair, Meratol have sent me an email apologising for the delay and saying they will be with me in 4-6 days with a £5 discount voucher. To be honest, I expected there to be a delay with all the press and lots of new years resolutions!
            I just pray that they work. I would not usually dream of buying something lke this (too good to be true-type stuff!)but have googled and googled and can’t find anything negative.
            Would love to hear how others are doing on them!

          • Hi Julie H, wasn’t Meratol only released for sale on the 27th December?

          • Will – I am not sure when it went on sale, I think it has been available for quite a while though – a few months at least judging by some of the comments on here. I know some of the press coverage said it had only just gone on sale buit Im not sure that was correct.

          • Cheers Julie, still waiting on my order……. i said in a previous comment we just got to be patient but i am probably the most impatient haha

        • Bev, I thought this also but, hopefully were wrong, my email was answered immediately, I ordered them on 28/12/10 not a great time, but after spending lots of time looking at the herbal ingredients, I was quite impressed, I know its a risk ordering off the internet, but I have been taking a simular two suppliments for some time( applecider and kelp,) and if you follow a low fat diet, they do appear to work, the thing that interest me about Meratol is the ingredients are combined together…..let me know when you recieve your order….. normally I wouldnt buy anything over the internet, so fingers crossed….

        • I dont think a company with such positive media exposure would be a scam…… Remember UK, America and the rest of the world are ordering these. I guess we have to be patient.

        • Have to report I have now received my order yay! Like Will I’m a bit impatient and wanted to get cracking on my NY resolution before I lost the urge! I guess the message is to order well in advance, which if it works I will do.

          I’ll let you know how I get on, fingers crossed!

        • I think they have just been overwhelmed by the demand – ordered mine just after christmas then got email 11 days ago to say it had been despatched – finally arrived today so now it’s time to put it to the test!

        • Hi hope you have received your pills by now. I ordered mine on 30th Dec and only received them 5 days ago. They said that a large batch of pills had gone missing in the royal mail. Dont know how much of that is true but they are defo worth the wait. Only been taking them for four days now and have already lost 3 pound. keep me posted

    • I actully thought someone was making up these e-mails until I saw yours! I had trouble with the official meratol supplier in Glasgow- didn’t receive the pills for over 3 wks and only when I contacted the fraud dept of my credit card did I receive it by next day delivery! I couldn’t get through by phone either – unconnectable and e-mails wern’ t being answered – despite their claimed reply time of 24 hrs. Dion’t know if they work or not, however I will not hold my breath!

  12. can i get meratol tablets in india

    • As far as I know they are not on sale in India. In fact unless I am mistaken they are currently only available to purchase online via their website. I am not sure if they ship to India but I havent seen anything that says otherwise.

  13. hya i have orderd meratol but i really dont know if it will work..i am eating healthily but i am maintaining could somebody please tell me if they had to do vigorous exercises and what food were you eating with it?? also how many tablets were you tzaking a day to get such results?? thanks for your help

    • Hi Cherry. In my experience vigorous exercise is not needed. All I did was watch what I ate a little (e.g. poached egg instead of fried egg, etc) and do a bit more walking instead of taking the car. Just small almost unnoticable changes really and that seemed to work for me. Tablet wise I took 2 a day which is the recommended dosage.

      I am sure some others may be able to offer their advice on this too.

  14. I ordered these on 4th Jan and going by the companies delivery estimations I should recieve them tomorrow, monday at the latest. Really hope they work!

    • Hi Will

      I ordered mine on 30 Dec and still no sign – although there have been snow and bank hols in the last 2 weeks. I’m dying to give them a try – I’ve cycled 40 miles this week and walked over 10 000 steps every day – and gained 5lbs – so I need some assistance FAST!

  15. No matter how good the product is, their customer service is the worst i have come across. I placed an order more than 2 weeks ago and havent recieved it. I called the CS two days ago and was told to expect it yesterday as it has been dispatched. When i didnt recieve it, i just called the CS now and the adviser did not allow me to finish telling him my order number when he said ‘your order was dispatched yesterday and will be with you shortly’. I was stunned and told him i had called earlier and was told same thing only for him to insist on what he was saying.

    I will like to hear from anyone who has bought from their website and how long it took the order to be delivered

    • Hi, did you recieve an email from the company saying it had been dispatched? On the FAQ it states 7-10 working days which equals about 2 weeks. I ordered on the 4th Jan and my order was dispatched yesterday (13th) and is arriving by royal mail 1st class signed for post.

      • Hi Will, I recieved no emails or nothing, i placed my order on 28th Nov and today is 15th, that makes it 18 days since i ordered and still nothing from them. I was told it has been dispatched since 11th of January or so and i still haven’t recieved anything.
        The worst thing is that it seems their customer service is reluctant to talk, always hurrying me up, not even listening to the order number. I can go on and on…I will definately let you know IF it ever arrives

    • Hi Animat

      I ordered on 30 December and still no sign. Frankly I am more concerned about the efficacy of the product when it gets here. It can take its time as long as it does what it says on the packet when it finally does arrive. And I’m also waiting for the day when the net is full of genuine reviews on this product. I have a lot of questions to ask and no-one – except meratol – seem to hold the information.

      • Hi Emma
        I too ordered my supply of meratolon 30th December and am still waiting. I have contacted customer services who say a batch of orders have been lost by Royal Mail and they are in the process of re-sending them out and should recieve them by 20th Jan???

        • Well I’ll be looking out for some skinny postmen! Anyway mine arrived today – 20 Jan – which is 3 weeks after order. And now I shall get to see whether this does help and I’ll let you all know. Haven’t seen too many comments from those who have been taking them for a while – any updates out there?


          • Good luck. I sarted using them on Sunday and it is now Thursday and I’m 6lba down. I have also cut out alcohol during the week and have eaten smaller portions. I am using the tablets along side the formula energy in should be less than energy out. So far so good but having experience of a lot of failed attempts to take weight off and keep it off – time will tell.
            Good luck again.

      • Hi Emma
        I am concerned about the product as well. I really hope it will be worth the wait IF it finally get here. Will let you know as soon as it arrives

    • see my comments above – I had the same experience- contacted the fraud dept of my credit card co and strangely the pills arrived next day or so. Unconnectable phone number, dont answer e-mails.

  16. I ordered mine on 27th December and they arrived Tuesday of this week. I agree re the comments about not being able to find any independent reviews. Maybe it is naive to believe all the claims but I live in hope. I have only been taking them for four days so too soon to notice any weight loss.

    • All you who have posted on here who have been awaiting your order – I presume you have received them by now and are taking them. Just wondered – is anyone getting any positive results? Just that it seems most of these comments are about customer services (which IS a big problem) rather than the pills/results themselves.
      Anyone had any positive effects? Or is everyone like me – 30 pounds lighter, but not the sort of 30 pounds they were looking to lose?
      I would be gobsmacked to to think they are getting away with their claims of what this pill does, if it is actually all rubbish! Is that legal?
      Maybe it’s just me?

      • Hi Ruth
        I’m on day 10 and it’s looking like I may have lost 2 lb’s but started at weight watchers last Wed. Not really got my head round to diet mode yet so I’m happy with 2lb’s, but can’t see it having effect without cutting back so that’s why I thought I’d combine it with starting my diet. Can’t help wondering in the back of my mind exactly what I’ve bought here though. The lack of positive, genuine feedback is alarming!!!

  17. Hi All, has anyone actually received their order yet??

    I ordered mine on 29th December & had an email on 7th January saying that it had been dispatched by 1st class Royal Mail, signed for & to expect them to be received within 3-4 working days…..needless to say, still no sign of them, despite the money being taken from my account on 30th December.

    I havent been able to call them yet but have emailed, several email addresses, 1 of which the emails just get returned, the other from which I havent yet received a response!

    Just really want to know if anyone has received anything????

    I have never before had such bad customer service when ordering something online, I appreciate the volume of orders they may have had but am seriously starting to think something is not right!

    • I also ordered mine on 29th Dec and had the same problems but did eventually receive them 2 weeks ago. However, I have taken 2 tabs a day for the last 2 weeks and the scales haven’t moved? They vaguely suppress my appetite in the morning and I’m eating fairly healthily (need to lose a bit before I tackle exercise, other than dog walking!)

    • mine arrived in 3 working days!!

  18. Hi everyone, i bought my 3 months supply on the 28th december, I was very concerned they havent arrived. I an email on the 7th january saying sorry for the delay we have now despatched please await 3/4 working days these are to be signed for by royal mail. here is a £5 voucher for your next order and our apologies. 14th january, still no order so i phoned customer service they didnt know my customer number, or my order number, they couldnt trace my order as they disnt have the facility to do that…i smell a scam! Just saw an email from customer service saying they have phoned royal mail and they have apparently lost my order. Now how can they trace my order without a tracking number???Hmmm the plot thickens. So they have decided to send it out again to which they didnt give a date i would get them and no tracking number?? Oh and if the original order turns up i can keep them (yeah right), probably my order is in a BIG FAT QUEUE or im simply being SCAMED. How is everyone else getting on?

    • Hie everyone
      I swear you sound like you are reapeting my correspondence with this company. I ordered mine on 31\12\10. Made a follow up on 10\1\11 .They said there had been delays and orders up to third of january would be processed and dispatched within 48 hours. On the 11th of January got mail to say oders 12436-14232 would be dispatched in 24 hours did not know what my number was so they said they would come back to me to let me know. On 14th Jaunuary i recieved mail to say my order had been tracked down( dont know what number they used to track it) had been tracked down and not found. Something to to with royal mail. A replacement order was said to have been dispatched on this day. If the the inital resurfaced,they said I should keep it as a gesture of goodwill. Hooray today 19\1\11 I HAVE FINALLY GOT IT. And yes the promised £5 voucher was in there as well.Iam sure you will be getting yours soon.They sound genuine to me and hope the product will be genuine to our needs.

  19. I ordered 2 months supply on 27th Dec and finally arrived today! I couldn’t wait to start taking them as the reviews promise so much without any side effects. However I took them in the morning as instructions say and by lunchtime I started feeling unwell, like the feeling you get if you suffer travel sickness ie nausea, light headed. I’m not sure if I have just got a virrus or if it’s linked to the pills. So if anyone else has experienced side-effects like the ones I’m describing, please write a review! Hopefully it’s not the tablets and I’ll feel better in a day or 2 !

    • Hi Julie
      yeah ive been taking them for about 4 days and ive had the same side effects around lunch time i feel nausea and light headed and shaky i dont think its a virus because the nausea for me normally wears off by the evening and on one of the days i forgot to take them i felt fine so not sure if this is just how your meant to feel as i definitely havent had an appetite

  20. Mine order tooks 3 weeks to come , I also contacted them several times via e-mail, could not get through on telephone’ evetyually got email to say they had been sent, have been on them 4 days so hope it worth it!

  21. I ordered on 28th December and still no sign. Looks like a con job, can’t believe I’ve fell for it.

    Paid using my visa card so will at least be able to get the money back.

  22. Yay….mine have arrived (odered 29th December)! will see how it goes now!

  23. I think we need to start contacting trading standards about this company because surely with customer service this bad something needs to be done. Shocking company.

    • Good idea Will. Still waiting for mine- despite having 2 emails to say they have been dispatched. The 2nd email gave the order numbers of the Meratol released but they didn’t include my number! I ordered on 29th Dec and am getting very concerned that even if they do arrive, will they really be much use from a company that behaves this way? I ordered 3 months supply using my Christmas present money, cash I could ill afford to lose. Feel really let down. Advise anyone looking at this site to wait for some positive reviews before buying. Feel we have all been taken for a very expensive ride…….

  24. I ordered mine on 1st January, have just phoned Meratol, (got straight through) and was told that my order was lost by Royal Mail, that they have sent me a replacement, which if it hasn’t arrived today (it hasn’t) I will get it tomorrow. Will let you know.

  25. I am really annoyed i am fed up e.mail and phoning to be told myorder has been dispatched i paid for these on 30th dec and i keep being fobbed off by customer services saying to give it a few days They told me last week it has been dispatche they wont give me a tracking number for royal mail i would like to grt my order if not a refund

  26. Hey all I’m so fed up to placed my order with meratol on 30th December was told it was dispatched on 7th jan via email I call on Tuesday 11th that it was dispatched on Monday 10th rang on Friday 14th still nothing received they said it could take a couple more days still nothing called today apparently the royal mail lost a batch of them… Yeah right the lady laughed said u might even get two orders for the price of one.. I’ll be lucky if I even get one!! She gave me the tracking number but it is just a signed for one and says on the website it’s not available to track until it’s delivered meaning until it gets here if it ever does it will just be my signature to say I got it so can’t even track it! Doubt they even sent it our tbh was told I should get it mid week ha that will be the day! They were so quick to take my bloody money it’s a joke I am fed up and just want to lose weight! Has anyone got their orders yet x x

  27. just recieved an email from customer services it was in my spam folder! I have been told that my order has been despatched by royal mail, I ordered 28th December, once again HOPING THEY WILL ARRIVE I think December was a bad time to order them, as It was covered by the daily mail newspaper, I dont think they can keep up with supply and demand as they come from USA, fingers crossed guys will let you know when(IF) I recieve them in the next few days!!! I am ever confident………………..

  28. DO NOT order your tablets from the above site. I think there is some sort of scam going on. I placed an order on 5th Jan 2010, told it would be 6-7 days before delivery, and I am STILL waiting for it. A friend ordered the same day and she still hasn’t got hers either. She has been told they have now sent her out two lots and blame it on having gone missing in the post. Strangely, that is what must have happened to mine!

  29. My Meratol was delivered today. My mum wants to take them and she is on Blood Pressure Tablets and cant find anything to say whether she should or shouldnt take Meratol.
    Is anyone taking other medication with them


  30. Kathleen I ordered mine on the 30th Dec and they came today!

  31. Ordered mine 29th December, arrived today. Don’t think it’s a scam, just too much demand for them to cope with.

  32. Ordered Meratol on 28th dec ,didnt recieve so e-mailed them.They got back to me pretty quick saying that Royal mail had lost them (probably on e-bay as i type this)They sent a new batch which i recieved today.Was told if the other one turns up i can keep it.Took the tablets this am and dont feel as hungry but full of wind and feeling bit sick.Anybody else feeling like this?

    • hi kp

      i have been taking meratol fior just over a week now and have lost 3 and a half pound the first week, my friend is taking them too and like you we are both full of wind! although embarrasing it is a small price to pay for weight loss

  33. received a e.mail today my order appears to have been lost by royal mail i have two names from support services promised they sent another order out yesterday i will wait and see

  34. Hi all I ordered metrol three months supply on the 4th of January have been sent conformation e mails and dispatched emaill to which I am told to wait three to four days that was last week what the bloody hell is going on with this company they was quick to take my money tho. To top if off there is no one to complain to as the contact details of the office in Glasgow is run by monkeys metrol what a bloody joke so annoyed. Trading standards it is i think.

  35. ordered mine on 30th Dec and they finally arrived today together with £5 off next order voucher, cant wait to get started!

  36. Good god some of you really need to chill out! All this talk of how disgusting it is and how it must be a scam and trading standards should be involved is quite amusing really!

    I admit I was a little concerned as I ordered on 3rd Jan and mine still has not arrived. However after reading the comments on here I have no worries that will eventually get it – it just seems like the product was so popular that they have struggled to cope – hardly a crime!

    Hopefully mine will arrive this week but until it does I am just going to relax and wait….I have been fat for years now so a few extra days isnt going to kill me!! :)

    • I can laugh at that now Sam- because mine have just arrived! (3 weeks)
      Fingers and toes crossed that I shall be back in my old clothes for the spring!

    • At the end of the day the company should have predicted this sort of demand before they released the product and when they couldn’t manage they should have notified customers sooner and had better correspondence or changed their estimated delivery times.

      • Totally agree with you will have you recived yours yet?

      • Whilst I agree it could have been better managed by meratol I still think people have been completely over-reacting. I mean deciding its a scam and that trading standards need to be involved just because the order is late is ridiculous – especially when there are plenty of people on here saying they have got their orders and its not a scam.

        There are bigger things to worry about in life than whether your slimming pills will turn up!!!

  37. Hi Guys have to apologise I ordered 30th Dec and like many was worried after e_mailing and phoning they have just arrived with a £5 off voucher will keep yo all posted.

  38. Hello all, i also had a bit of a wait, 2-3 weeks but mine arrived today also with a £5 off voucher, i gotta agree with sam that people need to chill out, your meratol will arrive its just a bad time after the press, weather etc not a scam. Anyways lets just hope it works, will update as to whether i see any results in a week or so. Hope those still waiting receive soon!

  39. Mine arrived yesterday with the promised £5 off voucher for your next order. Just hoping all the hype is right!!!

  40. Hi everyone… Im really hoping that Meratol can help me, last year I lost 7 stone with diet and exercise but I got very sick and had to go into hospital and have emergency surgery and since then ive put on 3 stone and find it impossible to stick to diets anymore, so im really on Meratol to help me out! Ive been taking my pills for 3 days, what results can I expect to have? Is everyone pretty much the same?

  41. I ordered mine on 27 Dec, still no sign of it. Emailed on 14 Jan, and got an auto generated reply that didn’t leave me any the wiser! Very bad customer service.

  42. Hi all- been taking meratol for 2 days now. Don’t know if it’s linked but I am covered in a blotchy, itchy rash! Am on a course of anti biotics so don’t know if it’s reaction to this. Has anyone else developed anything similar? Hope not as really keen to give them a go!

    • Have been taking Meratol for 4 days now,no rash, sounds more of an allergic reaction to the antibiotics your taking but suppose everyone is different though.

  43. Hey all :) after my moaning mines arrived today with a £5 off voucher :) not a scam After all :) x x x

  44. I came on to this site to get some feedback on how Meratol is working for others and seem to be reading endless messages regarding postage issues!

    Now for a bit of good news!!!

    I have only got 20 lbs to loose and thought I would purchase 2 months supply to try and kick start my diet. I am pleased to say that with a couple of sessions at the gym per week I have lost 7 pounds in my 1st 2 weeks. I have been calorie counting but I think the biggest help from Meratol is I have’nt felt hungry throughout the day and have been able to avois snacking which was always my biggest downfall!!

    I would at this early stage give Meratol 5 stars and will keep you posted on my progress over the next few weeks.

  45. I ordered my Meratol off E-bay via a dealer and they arrived within a week direct from the Manufacturer with a voucher for five pounds. I am on my sixth day – I haven’t grown horns yet, turned green or starting fitting so it looks promising! My clothes do feel slightly slacker but to be honest I haven’t cut back on food that much but have noticed everything tastes differently, sweeter, greasier and I feel sick after anything I have eaten so it does put you off eating. My sense of smell seems stronger and things smell greasier. I do believe they have decreased my appetite and I seem to want to drink only water which is definitely not like me.

  46. glad to hear order have been sent here,s hoping not to long till i get mine

  47. I do get the impression that there are some very optimistic if not very trusting / gullible would be customers. Like the majority I ordered in December, and to date nothing received. The lack of independent evidence, the way a great number of the sites are connected, the total lack of customer care including automated e mails but also the same excuses , very busy, snow, Christmas period and lost in post. I have a phone number for a chap in Reading and given the company an ultimatum of 7 days or I will be going to the press , trading standards and TV consumer shows.

    Although perhaps if I get to read a couple of positive reviews I may be convinced, until then I strongly suspect scam!!

    • I thought it could be scam but thought if a Glasgow GP Dr Long has recommended it maybe its worth a try.That’s why i only ordered 1 months supply in case it was rubbish.I’m on my 5th day of taking it and having to force myself to eat because stomach aches with hunger but just don’t feel like eating.

  48. Hello all!! Mine arrived today after waiting three weeks I hope everyone continues to update me on how they are doing. I am known for my huge appetite do’ I will be very surprised if it does surpress it haha. I am already on a diet well was and lost quite slot of weight but I am maintaining so hopefully this will boost the final stone off. It is funny how our lives depend on these tablets as gok wan says dress fr the shape you are cuz your all gorgeous girlies lol!! Let me know how the tablets are coming along!!

    • Dont despair! ordered my tablets on 28th dec 2010, arrived the 17th jan with a £5 off voucher, felt slightly sick for about an hour(mind you have a very sick relative and have major worries recently, so that could be stress!) have found ok and do feel fuller, I have been taking for 3 days too early to tell, but I feel like I need to eat smaller portions which is a god send, for me, and I have left food on my plate which is a first…..I have been drinking more water also, so I think that has helped me. Going to do the loose clothes test though after the first week, so I dont get obsessed with weighing myself as I need to lose 4stone, definately think that you should still take exercise to maintain a healthy outlook. |Mainly do walking with dog, and swim 1 or 2 a week… this space……

  49. Hi all
    I’ve been taking it for 3 days now and have lost 3lbs eating the same as before, including chocolate! Can’t wait to see what happens when I diet and exercise with it! No side effects at all xx

    • hi there,

      i have been taking meratol just over a week and lost three and a half pound the first week but have now gained 1 and a half pound this week, has anybody else been up and down like this? my diet has been the same by the way.

  50. hi wat ll be the price for meratol in india. How can i get meratol tablets? Wit in how many days it ll be delivered?

  51. I ordered mine on 28th dec and received them on Tuesday this week. I started taking them straight away and noticed a decrease in my appetite immediately. I did weight myself on Friday, and stayed the same, but it is that time of the month!! I didn’t take any yesterday or today but will kick start back on them tomorrow. Fingers crossed they will work. I have no idea what the next step would be if they don’t.
    I have quite a bit to lose, and quite a lot I want to achieve! I know losing weight will help every aspect of my life improving! I can’t wait to see the results.

  52. i weighed myself after 2 days of taking them and have lost 2lbs. of course to maximise results i have been watching what i am eating and doing exercise, i have more energy and if i snack, i have fruit. So far so good!

  53. Hi everyone. My meratol finally arrived today with a £5 voucher. It took more than i expected (I ordered on 29th Dec). I really hope it will be worth the wait though as i have quite alot of weights to lose. I will keep everyone informed. It is no scam afterall but the customer service is poor.

  54. Hi all. I got my Meratol and voucher today too – I placed my order on the 5th January. I have about 3 stone to lose. I am eating well and go to the gym 3 times a week but have just hit a plateau so hoping these will overcome that. Good luck to everyone. Hope these really are the real deal. x

    • Louise, keep up that routine and the weight will fall off, its refreshing to read someone who is putting is effort as well as taking the pills. As it says on the bottle ‘shows significant weight loss when taken with a calorie controlled diet’

  55. Had to wait 3 weeks for delivery. Contact with Meratol 10 times before received! Poor poor customer service. Would like to say it’s been worth the wait but been taking them 3 days and nothing’s happened except I seem to be hungrier and eating more! So gutted.

  56. All you who have posted on here who have been awaiting your order – I presume you have received them by now and are taking them. Just wondered – is anyone getting any positive results? Just that it seems most of these comments are about customer services (which IS a big problem) rather than the pills/results themselves.
    Anyone had any positive effects? Or is everyone like me – 30 pounds lighter, but not the sort of 30 pounds they were looking to lose?
    I would be gobsmacked to to think they are getting away with their claims of what this pill does, if it is actually all rubbish! Is that legal?
    Maybe it’s just me? Why isn’t it working?!

  57. Im on my 6th day of taking meratol ,not feeling hungry at all.Im nightshift worker who does’nt get much sleep and eats when tired and tend to binge but not binged at all this week.My only side affects are my mouth seems to be producing more saliva than usual but not all the time.Sorry to talk bowels but feeling a bit constipated although have heard people saying the oppisite.If i lose weight it will be worth it..Dont want to weigh myself too much as only get disappointed .Its better coming off slowly anyway.

  58. I have been taking it three days and no joke I’m craving crap and eating more ad it’s necessarily cuz I’m hungry or anything iv got sudden crap food urges that iv never ha before!!iv also gained 1 pound :(

    • That’s EXACTLY how I am! NOT GOOD.

    • Hi Both, i felt exactly the same, i was doing brilliantly only had 7lbs to go + htought this would give me the final push, not sure why but i felt so hungry! Though have to say might have been me, having been so good over christmas – i still have 75 days to take + am not sure what to do… carry on or not?

  59. Well i have been on them for 4 days now and i have lost 3 pounds. BUT i am male and men lose weight faster and i am putting in effort on my part, not sitting there thinking i can continue eating crap and doing nothing while these pills work wonders. Seriously people why are you weighing yourself after 3 days and expecting to see that you have lost 20lbs, they say that they can take up to a week to work, especially if you have a lot to lose.

    • Where does it say that they can take up to a week to work? I haven’t seen that. However, I have seen – on the Meratol website – that you don’t have to diet, and that these pills WILL work wonders, on their own. Also, I am not expecting to lose 20lbs after 3 days! Anything would be good – except gaining weight! And who’s to say your 3lbs weightloss isn’t down to your ‘effort’ rather than the pills?

      • It takes up to a week to see the results on the scales. And most websites, including the Meratol website state that you are recommended to include an exercise program and a healthy diet to see the most effective results. my ‘effort’ is literally cutting out junk and going walking more so if i was getting 3lbs weightloss from just that do you really think i would be on Meratol? Most people see 3lbs weighloss in a month from regular exercise. All i am saying is that before you start ranting on about how it doesnt work why dont you give it more than 3 days!

  60. I do understand what you mean will I lost half lost two and half stone from slimming world but with the last stone to lose no
    Matter what I am maintaining so I thought the tablets would give me a boost but it appears to have done the opposite :( I will be doing the full month to see how I do if I have overall gained then I will stop using them lol I’d rather be a maintainer than a gainer

  61. I have been on these tablets now for two weeks only lost 1lbs so far, however i don’t feel hungry and am eating less, i feel fuller quicker… i intend to carry on with these tablets for now anyway.

  62. on my 8th day and weighed myself and have not lost an oz!Although appetite has been a lot less and been watching calories .I have hardly been to the toilet (sorry talking bowels again)Think i might have to stop taking them, had lost 2 pounds the previous week without tablets.Think these tablets just fill you with wind that makes you feel full.Think i will just stick to diet and exercise .Good luck to everyone but wont be buying any more x

  63. I have been taking these for 2 weeks, following the directions EXACTLY (2 per day, in the morning, with glass of water), following calorie controlled diet, 3 spin sessions and weights per week and have lost……..precisely nothing! I could not be more fed up. Can’t believe I’ve wasted 30 quid – should have known better. At least I did only order a months supply. Will NEVER fall for this again.

  64. I’ve been taking Meratol for the last 3 days and feel sick and light headed. I haven’t checked my weight yet but am seriously thinking about stopping taking these pills. Feeling really awful.

    • Like the majority of people on this site I had a very long wait for the capusules to arrive,when they eventally arrived I took them as instructed and within 1 hour was shaking and then became really sick and light headed.It got so bad that I had to leave work and felt awful.I have to ask myself if this was related to Metorol or was it a virus of some description?It has left me not daring to take any more.

  65. I think the true independent results are starting to come in now all the deliveries finally arrived. Looks like all the hype was a load of rubbish! Like recent others- 3 weeks of my life wasted waiting for the things to arrive, god knows how much time & money wasted on chasing my order up. £30 of my hard-earned cash wasted, and what for? To realise that all these claims Meratol make are nothing but a load of lies! What a scam! How many £30s have they received. Quite a ‘get-rich quick’ scheme they have going there, preying on the vulnerable and the desperate. Shocking. Should be illegal. I think I will look in to if there is a case to put to trading standards.

    • Hi Ruth,

      You are entitled to your opinion but please do not try and skew the results of the star rating at the top of this page. I have counted over 20 votes of 1 star from you which is just not fair on those people who want a fair recommendation.

      You have published your thoughts here, there is no need to vote 1 star multiple times – as a reult I have removed all of your duplicate votes.

      I am sorry you did not get the results you hoped for, you are not alone but equally many people on here are reporting good results. Leave your opinion but then accept that people are then free to make their own minds up.

      Thank you for your co-operation – lets keep this site a useful, unbiased point of reference for anyone considering Meratol.

  66. Been taking them for just over a week now and lost 4lbs. Felt really hungry at first but that’s passed now. Trying to watch what I eat- the tablets aren’t miracle cures- and so far so good….. However, I realise that first week of any diet is usually water loss so will reserve judgement. Don’t think they are worth all the hype but having bought a 3 months supply I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am playing the carbs card- reducing carbs always works for me and I am hoping the meratol boosts this.

  67. Hi Everyone, I think you should all know that Meratol does absolutely nothing! Like many other diet pills it’s a complete scam. I’m a healthy eater and I tried it but didn’t see any changes whatsoever. My advice: spend your money on healthy food and gym membership instead! A message to Meratol: People will soon catch on that you’re playing to their weaknesses and making ridiculous promises that you certainly can’t deliver.

  68. Lost a few pounds but being v. careful with what I eat anyway. Don’t think the hype justifies the results but will keep going as bought 3 months supply. Interstingly, there is another review site with all positive comments but my slightly negative is still waiting approval after 2 weeks……but the good ones have been posted straightaway!

    • Hi Suzie – I have seen a few review sites that only seem to have positive comments too. I would think the owners of those sites are not publishing the negative comments which is a shame.

      I believe all comments, positive or negative should be published otherwise why bother with the site? However, I do think some peoples reviews are a bit harsh, expecting instant results when it just doesnt work like that. Still, everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I will publish all comments regardless!

      Good luck – keep us updated on your progress.

      • Will do. I just think the hype exceedes the expectations but I will still bequite happy if Meratol boosts what I am doing and gives me a 1lb per week! Have wondered ( now waiting for the backlash!!) if people are strong willed enough to reduce calories and do lots of excersise, why have they gone for a slimming tablet? I’ll be honest- have little willpower, eat healthily but love my red wine. I work shifts so meals are hit and miss and as soon as I think ‘diet’ I can’t stop thinking about food! What I mean is, if I could plan a 1300 calorie a day diet and put in an hours excersise- I wouldn’t be on this site!

        Still not 100% convinced but not ready to give up yet! Good luck to all!

  69. Ive been taking Meratol for 2 weeks and I have never been hungrier! Very disappointed, I really had a little hope they would work!

    • Me too Marianna, I cant stop eating and have been taking them for 2 weeks!! Not impressed, im just hoping they will kick in soon!!

  70. Hi Guys….Well I ordered my first lot of pills and they arrived within 2 weeks, I have now been on them 3 weeks, no side affects, I am being very careful what I eat as always, but the big different is on the pills I have lost half a stone, so no complains from this little cookie and have just ordered another 2 mths supply, You also have to work with them not just sit back and expect a magic pill not going to happen…I wish everyone good luck………

  71. I had exactly the same problem as lots of people with order not turning up and little customer service. Ordered on jan 3rd and package finally arrived jan 26th. So far i seemed to have gained a pound and I am very hungry but I will give it a couple of weeks before I pass judgement. However I’m not impressed at the moment I think I fell for the hype and just wanted a little help to lose the last 15lb

  72. Hi everyone. I have been on meratol for a week and i just weigh myself and i saw that i GAINED one pound, despite being on 1300 clalories and one hour on the cross trainer, and i am really gutted. I lost about 3lbs with diet and exercise alone. I will definately stop taking them cos if i cant lose weight, i dont want to add more. Thank God i only ordered 1 month package but its still a waste of £30 pounds. Like everyone, i had high hope they would work. Goodluck to whoever continues taking them

    • I have had meratol for nearly two weeks and I have also been on 1200 cals and exercising and have gained a lot of weight, very upset was thinking by all the other comments I must be the only one, I also think waste of money won’t be needing my £5 voucher to get any more, not keen on the feeling sick all the time either

      • Please see my comments further down the page – you will need to take the tablets for at least 1-2 weeks before they kick in. Gaining weight in that first week or two is normal as the tablets will not have built up in your system to have a strong enough effect yet.

  73. Well, I only want to lose a stone and a half to two stones but felt I needed a kick start to help me get going. I read the rave reviews and thought if George Clooney has used them, then I would give them a try. I ordered two months supply three weeks ago and they arrived last week along with a £5 voucher. I have only taken them three mornings so far but have lost 3 lbs already! I have been a bit more careful about my diet and had more fruit than usual but I’ve still had a little bit chocolate too. I can’t take any exercise at the moment because of a sprained ankle. I am really pleased with my results so far! No complaints at all, I hope it continues!

  74. I have read through most of the comments on here and I see there is a good mix of both positive and negative comments which I guess is to be expected with any pill like this.

    The thing to remember guys is that with an appetite suppressant the first week or so you cannot expect to see good results….basically you need to take the pills for a good 1-2 weeks to sort of build them up in your system. Only after this period will they start suppressing your appetite.

    This goes slightly against what it says on the official meratol site which seems to suggest more immediate results but as an ex-chemist I can safely say you need to take these for at least 1-2 weeks before you will see any real results from them.

    So my advice is stick to it, if you have been on them for less than 2 weeks and have not seen any positive results yet just keep taking them as prescribed. Personally I would give it a month until you pass judgement as by then they should definately 100% be working if you follow the recommended dosage.

    Good luck everyone – I am monitoring this one closely as a friend of mine has just started using them.

  75. last update was on 21 Jan and just thought I would post my progress. Meratol seems to be working well!! I have lost a further 4lbs(11lbs in total) and now only 7-8lbs to go!! I have been living off 1300 calories each day and my cravings for junk food have all but vanished(except after the pub on fri night when I gave into temptation and treated myself to a small takeaway!!). Along with taking the tablets I think that regular excercise is the key!

    • Well done. I am continuing to take them despite a bit of scepticism! Lost a bit but now gained 1.5 lbs but have to say a pair of trousers I could not zip up on Christmas day now fit! Been taking them for 2 weeks- think Meratol should revise advertising ( as in you don’t need to diet but when they arrive it says you do!) If nothing else, using them as a reminder to watch what I eat! Was hoping to lose 2lb per week but don’t think that’s going to happen! Just going to try and stay postitive and carry on taking the

  76. Regular exercise & 1300 calories a day will result in virtually anyone losing weight regardless of Meratol. That is why a few people are losing weight on them – because they are dieting and exercising! However, Meratol’s claims that losing weight will happen in the absence of diet & exercise is proving (going off comments on this site) to be untrue. If you can exercise and diet then save your £30 – you’ll lose weight anyway. If you can’t diet and exercise, still don’t bother with Meratol as it won’t help! The claims on that score are not being realised. So, either way it’s a no-brainer:- Meratol doesn’t work. Save your money folks!

  77. Meratol has not made any difference to my weight loss, it has not increased my weely loss and I don’t recommend it. Wishful thinking!

  78. was so excited about meratol,paid for a month supply on 30/12 and took 3 weeks to arrive but arrived!!!!!
    feeling very silly that wasted my £30 -they dont work!!!!right the opposite!make me very hungry,constantly craving something-which is new to me.
    bought the tablets only to loose 5 kgs,been taking them precisely -2 tablets every morning,also do 2 bodystep classes and 1 spin class a week and eating very healthily so im pretty sure i will manage to get to my desired weight soon but WITHOUT meratol!!!!!avoid

  79. I have now been on Meratol for 3 weeks and just lost another 3lbs. I must admit i was led to believe I would lose weight straight away but i purchased these tablets so wanted to carry on and i am so glad that i did, i definitely feel fuller all day so eat less, going to carry on, even i i lose 2lbs a week that’s good enough for me slower the better. I hope if i order more then they will come quicker than they did originally!!!!!

  80. I’ve taken my first one today and I feel awful Within an hour I felt light headed and sick and I know it’s the tablet because before that I felt fine.

    I was also really jittery at first (after an hour) but this has calmed down now especially having a bite to eat.

    I don’t feel hungry at all but I am not thirsty either so I am having to force myself to take fluids.

    Not sure I will continue with them – I might try them a day or two more to make sure it’s the tablets and not a virus. The official website says no reported side effects but I find that impossible, I might Google each ingredient individually.

    Also I find it alarming that there is hardly and search engine results that don’t either lead back to the official website or repeat info given on official website.

    I just know I really don’t feel myself and that’s not good.

  81. Janette how much have you lost in total?? Did you feel really hungry an bloated then it started to come off? I stopped using mine two days ago but iv started to take them again after seeing what Peter said. My issue is my body needs a boost cuz eat really well and excercise but I’m just maintaining so the more positive feedback about meratol I see the better I will feel about taking them lol.

    • Hi Christina in 3 weeks i have lost 4lbs, i just eat 3 meals a day no snacking in between, although i have not felt the need to snack, i intend to keep using Meratol at least till i have used all that i ordered. For me the main fact is i don’t feel at all hungry which is brilliant for me.

  82. Hi everyone,

    I have notived that the main website does have trouble supplying everyone as quickly as they state however they do recommend buying from Ebay too. And that’s what I did as it’s also free delivery and every little helps when you are paying £29.99! I ordered on wednesday and they arrived thursday! In that time (2 days) I have lost 3lbs. They have taken my appetite away and make me feel full after my meals. It makes me feel like I have pigged out when I have only had a small meal so it stops me having seconds or desserts. Also makes me drink and therefore wee! I am also watching what I eat as it recommends and the fact that I have just paid £29.99 for them makes me behave as otherwise it’s a waste. So if it’s a placebo affect then that’s fine with me too! The main thing for me is feeling full. I will repost in 2 weeks and let you know if it is still working. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone xxxxx

  83. Ok update as i have been taking them for 2 weeks now. Firstly i don’t feel hungry in between meals which has cut out my snacking completely. i think the claims that you will lose weight effortlessly are untrue to be honest, these pills will aid you together with a healthy eating plan and some exercise. i have lost 3lbs each week i have been on them and when i have dieted and exercised in the past i was seeing much less weight loss. I think they do need to build up in your system like Peter said. In the first week i did experience an increase in wind (pardon me) but toilet habits were normal. Also i have had much more energy while on them. I am going to continue to take them on with them.

  84. Day 17….Scales don’t report anything major BUT just been out shopping and bought two size 14 tops – my normal 16 too big! Also, someone advised me to measure as well as weigh and I have lost 4cm on my vitals! Tried on some old clothes that have been too tight of late and delighted that some are now reinstated to my wardrobe. I agree with most here, that the weight loss claims are exaggerated and you do need to put in some effort but I am definitely going to continue!

  85. Just an update on what’s been going on since i stopped taking meratol. I bought another weightloss pill on 1st of Feb (6 days ago) and i have lost 4lb in just six days, It is simply UNBELIEVABLE. Some may think this is a quick fix but i dont mind as i have about 70lb of weight to loose. A bit of help wouldn’t hurt. I am still on 1300 a day calories and 5 times a week on a cross trainer. I belive the pill is really helping me as their is no way i would have lost that much on diet and excercise alone. Plus this pill is cost less than meratol, can you believe that?
    Anyway, goodluck to everyone….

    • What did you buy??

    • Yea you have to say what you bought! xx

      • Hi, an update,
        I have been taking it for 5 days and I have lost 6lbs so I am very happy so far. It is making my cravings vanish. I am actually passing up cakes, biscuits, extra portions etc. And it’s not killing me to do so! This is like a mini miracle for me. Only side effects so far are wind by the end of the day! But no constipation, no dizzyness. It is early days but so far it is a perfect slimming aid for me and I hope it works well enough that I need to order a second batch. Will update in another week xxxxxx

  86. Hi, I also had problems getting my first order (it took 10 days to arrive, I did order another batch this week on Monday, and it was with me by Wednesady), but it did arrive and I have now been using for last three weeks, and guess what it works.

    I had serious doubts about this I have changed nothing about my life style apart taking the pills every morning. I found that I now no longer want to snack between meals and the meal itself I am how finding I want less to eat. (portion control always beeing a issue for me). Also increase in engery (So I want to do more), no effect on sleep if anything sleeping better.

    So all aroung effects have been postive so far. My start wieght was 306 lbs first week lost 4 LB’s and the last two weeks 2 LBs each week.
    So for once something that does what it says on the tin….

    I’m sure your all saying there must be some side effect and yes your right there is, I always like to sit and have a nice beer when I watch the Rugby. But I find now that I feel full after drinking only 3/4 of a pint instead of 2 or 3. This is one side effect I can live with.

    The best £30 I havew spent in along time.

    I will keep you posted on progress

  87. Hello,
    For my order it took ages as well to get here. However I have started taking Meratol on Tuesday (today is my fourth day really). I have lost 2 kgs since (I guess this is something like 4.5lbs). I too have found cravings to disappear, and I get full much easier than I normally would, but I am very concerned because around noon I start feeling nauseous and light headed… I am willing to try it for a bit longer as it really does help on weight loss (I haven’t had the time to exercise at all this week) and I will keep you posted.

  88. Yes it took a bit of time, few weeks, for us to receive our order. Bought one month’s worth only to begin with. I will start using it tomorrow, I am 14 Stone and need to return to 11 1/2 by early May!!! Got an amazing holiday coming up so…well it’s doable but I know there will be hunger..and fatigue…but if these herbal pills can help me along gonna try and will come back here to let you know what happens!!

  89. Well – after 3 weeks of taking Meratol…..NO RESULT WHATSOEVER! No weight loss, no inches lost , NOTHING! A big con! My friend had exactly the same result, ie. none! I am beginning to think that the positive results given on this website may be given either by people who have started a diet when they started taking Meratol (in which case they’d lose weight purely by dieting), or by people connected to Meratol somehow. On that note – where has the ‘overall user rating’ disappeared to? Maybe admin could answer that? I kept seeing the star rating go lower and lower then one day it just disappeared! That leads me to believe this website is not, as suggested, independent of the Meratol company.
    Very disappointed. A big con!

    • Hi Ruth,

      Please see my reply to your comment dated Jan 28th. The star rating has only disappeared from your view because you were found to be abusing the system and casting multiple votes of 1 star which is unfair on the company and unfair on everyone else here wanting independent views.

      You have therefore been blocked from voting and your duplicate votes removed. Everyone else can still see the star rating and cast their own votes because they are not abusing the feature.

      This site is independent – but we will fight to ensure everyone plays by the rules and puts across their opinion and views in a fair manner.

      • If my vote had been recognised in the first place, I would have had no reason to keep trying to get my 1 star vote logged! However, it seems that a 1 star vote is not accepted (not in my experience anyway), and I would say that it is THAT that is, as you say “unfair on everyone else here wanting independent views”! I would have preferred to give it no stars, but that wouldn’t be recognised either!
        It is of no consequence for me now anyway – I am well aware that the product does not work – certainly for me, for my friend, and for many others who have posted here and on other ‘independent’ review websites. I fully expect those who are saying it does work for them to at some point realise that it’s not actually the Meratol that is working, but the lifestyle changes they made at the same time. The truth will eventually come out. I just hope they realise this before they make further purchases!
        At least I have only wasted £30 – some people have wasted lots more, and THAT is what’s not fair!
        Perhaps, if this site is truly independent, you could advise users of who funds it?
        I am not blaming you or anyone else – I blame myself for yet again believing a load of hype about a product that doesn’t do what it claims, and despite my gut feeling, still going ahead and wasting my hard-earned money on it.
        We all know deep down, that the only way to lose wieght and keep it off is to adopt a healthy eating pattern and exercise more, but still we fall for these ‘get thin quick’ schemes, which is obviously what these type of companies rely on.
        Well, I won’t be requiring anybody else’s review on this particular product anymore – I know first hand that it doesn’t work. But, just for the benefit of others who, as you say, should be able to access unbiased information – Meratol does not do what it claims!

        • Hi Ruth,

          Firstly I do not accept your claim that the vote of 1 star had not registered as from the stats I checked it most clearly had! In fact was the number of 1 votes that had been cast that alerted the fact you had been cheating the system to me. You had even noted yourself (and I quote) “I kept seeing the star rating go lower and lower” so you knew your multiple votes were having an affect and that is why you continued to cast them.

          You were trying to abuse the system and you were caught out, dont try making excuses, just deal with it and move on.

          I am genuinely sorry that Meratol did not work for you. Like you rightly say, you are not alone there are others too. Likewise there are others who believe it has worked for them, whether or not its lifestyle changes or the pills only they can decide. However the point of this site is so that people can post their own opinions and then visitors to the site can read them and make their own mind up. You are entitled to your opinion just as others are too even if that opinion is different to yours.

          You asked who funds this site – I dont feel I should have to justify myself but since you ask, I fund it personally. It costs be £3 per year which covers the cost of the domain name registration. This was organised by a friend of mine who operates an online consultancy business – he is hosting the site for me for free on his server as he has plenty of spare space on it.

          All of this is irrelevant really, I would have thought my willingness to accept both negative comments as well as the positive ones should be proof enough its an independent site. However when my integrity is questioned in this way is does make me wonder why I bothered with the site.

          • It is perhaps to be expected that you would reply in a defensive and rude manner.

            Just because your ‘stats’ may show my vote had been registered at your end, does not necessarily mean it had done so at my end! If I really wanted to ‘skew’ the results of your system, would I do so using my real name and real email address?! (Both of which can be verified)

            And regarding you quoting me as saying “I kept seeing the star rating go lower and lower”, are you trying to imply that nobody who voted gave a star rating that would bring the overall rating down? You only have to read the user opinions to know that would not be the case! All I know is when I tried to vote, I got no indication of my vote having been recognised like you would on other websites (eg. ‘your vote has been counted’). It was all this, in fact, that first made me wonder about whether this site was independent.

            As you rightly say – all of this is irrelevant really. It is to me also – as I said, I have all the proof I need as regards to the truth of the claims Meratol makes. I therefore have no further use for this website and so – you will be pleased to know – will be leaving no further comments nor reading any.

            However, I would just finally like to quote you: “when my integrity is questioned in this way is does make me wonder why I bothered with the site.” LIKEWISE!

          • Ruth (or is it Eleanor?) – Although no confirmation of a vote is displayed (I do not have the technical know-how to implement this) you would see that each time you voted the number of votes (in brackets) went up by one. Surely this should have confirmed that your vote had counted? Also the fact that you had to go to some trouble refreshing the site manually in order to vote again. You have repeatedly questioned the comments made by other users, abused the facilities offered on my site and questioned my motives behind the site. In addition I can also see you have attempted to leave negative comments under different names – another dishonest technique that I cannot accept on this site.

    • I have been using it for over a week and yes I am also watching what I eat so yes I could have lost it anyway. But as I say in my review, it has made loosing it soooo easy.
      I was dieting before I started taking it. I am using it as an aid to weight loss not as the only thing.
      It makes me full, stopped my cravings, stops me snacking, stops me thinking about food, seems to give me a boost so I don’t have that afternoon lull.
      I don’t think they do as they say on the site, that you will lose weight even if you carry on as you are doing and not diet. However I believe they make the whole dieting process so much easier.
      Also I had a “bad” day and normally that would result in a weight gain (the main thing that would get me down, not only would I not lose but I would gain just from one day off the diet) but while on Meratol that hasn’t happened. It is of course very early days with me but I have lost 9lbs so far and it’s not so much the weight loss, it’s how easy it has been. Yes it is ME that has lost the weight but it’s the Meratol that has allowed me to stick to the diet. I don’t even feel like I am on a diet.
      And I don’t work for them honest, just a stay at home mum in Essex.
      As with anything, everyone is different and some things will work for some and not for others. But it isn’t a big con.



        • Hi Pauline,

          Yes I have about 2 and half stone to lose.
          My honest opinion is that the pills don’t do what they promise to do regarding the no effort and still achieving weight loss. Also the carb blocker bit might not be accurate either.
          This last week and a half, the weight I have lost, I know I would have lost that without the pills, however what the pills do for me is that they help me stick to the diet.
          I don’t feel hungry anymore, I feel full after I have half a portion. I still feel energised where on reduced calories I can sometimes feel wishy washy. Also as I mentioned in my review, I used to really get down when I was good all week and had lost say 5lbs then I would go out and have a cake and coffee with my mum and the next weigh day my weight would have gone up by maybe 3lbs! It used to drive me mad. Whereas now if I have a treat I don’t gain. Also as soon as I eat more than I should I feel bloated and get wind so that makes me behave!
          It is early days and maybe in a few weeks the weight loss will stop or I may gain but at the moment I do not feel like I am on a diet at all. I have problems with food, the reason I have overweight. So I think it really helps me to make food not the main issue of my day. Cravings have all gone too by the way.
          It’s such a shame it doesn’t work for most people because let’s face it, it’s not cheap. i think maybe because you don’t have too much to lose it’s not having an effect. But to be honest after reading all the comments I really can’t say why it works for some and not others. But what I do think is that it is not a miracle weight loss pill, it’s a slimming aid. For me it seems to be an appetite supressant.
          I will update again in a weeks time to let you know if it is still working.
          Charlotte xxxxxxxxx

          • thanks charlotte for your reply, looking forward to
            hearing your update, but it is weird that these pills
            are working for some and not for others me included and as for my husband he wont restart due to how bad effect
            had on him , but i have taken his and i will keep on going
            with them and in one months time we will see if being on them two months makes any difference……….. will keep you posted to.

  90. The service I received from meratol was good. The tablets arrived within a week. Took the tablets as instructed but they made me feel ill! Felt sick and lightheaded and had unbelievable wind. Also had trouble sleeping, and to add insult to injury have put on 2 lbs! Total waste of money. Strongly recommend that people don’t waste their money.

  91. got my order 3 months supply for my sister, my husband and myself. I have
    been on meratol for 28 days and I look no different, I took these tablets as
    stated, i only have 14lbs to lose so therefore maybe because I do not have
    alot of weight to lose they are not performing as I havent alot of lbs or stones
    to lose. However my husband started them the same day and came off them
    5 days later due to experiencing (motions) which he said was horrific. my sister
    has not took them yet, so I can only say from my experience that do I FEEL THIS
    the comments it certainly has worked for some and not for others, me being
    the no group.

  92. Hya iv been taking them three weeks and no different still they are making me’ really hungry it’s so weird :(
    Also a friend of mine gas started taking three a day to make it work!! Is this not dangerous ? I have tried to warn her but she doesn’t seem to be listening will it make a big difference or should she seriously stop?

  93. Hello I have been taking Meratol for 3 weeks now and they don’t seem to be working at all! I have lost 70lb in the last year and a half and had reached a plateau so wanted a little help for the last 20lb. I know my diet and exercise is good so I don’t feel like Meratol is worth the money at all. I also have a question if anyone can help. Meratol says it blocks carbohydrates up to 80% or something but you only take the tablets in the morning. All other carb blockers you take before each meal so does Meratol block any carbs in the evening or only breakfast ones? Thanks everyone!

  94. MY 4 WEEK UPDATE! Well, after being a bit sceptical initially, have to report that they are definitely working for me as I have lost 8lb. I agree with Charlotte in that you have to work with them but I honestly don’t think about food constantly and that enables me, when I do eat, to not go over the top. Feel like I am ‘watching what I eat’ rather than dieting and there is no way I would have lost this much without the tablets as I have a very slow metabolism and losing weight is always a battle. Not being doing any excersise but feel motivated to start now to boost what I lose. Really feel for the people who haven’t had results. Must admit, first couple of weeks my weight seemed to go up and down but determined to stick with them because of the price- I bought 3 months supply. Not at the point where I would ‘recommend to a friend’ but for me- I am a happy bunny!

  95. Have just been reading the correspondence between Admin and Ruth. I would just like to ad that I have found admin to be very fair as he has displayed both negative and positive comments- and I have posted both kinds. As I wrote previously, I had tried to put 2 negative comments on another site and nearly 3 weeks later they are still waiting confirmation. Meanwhile, many positive comments have been posted afterwards- now that’s unfair and biased! And no, I don’t know Admin or work for Meratol. Unfortunately, the pills seem to work for some and not for others. The claims Meratol make are over hyped and issues should be directed at them, not someone who is just trying to provide a service.

  96. 3rd week update, i went away for a week and lapsed from my diet and couldn’t go to the gym, i have been having a couple of alcoholic beverages and not really eating healthily…. and on weighing myself i have still lost 1lb this week when i had expected to see a gain. Back into the healthy eating and gym routine again now….

  97. I have been taking meratol for over 2 weeks now and yesterday was able to comfortably wear a pair of size 12 trousers I had put away as I was too fat for them. I have been wearing size 14 trousers for the past 2 years.
    Happy happy happy!
    I am like Suzie watching what I eat and feel these pills are encouraging me to be good. I don’t feel so hungry during the day but I am not dieting, I’m just not being silly. I even had a half-portion of fish and chips last week and some chocolate on Saturday.

  98. Today was my final day from a month supply of the tablets. Being a bit of a health freak I know to ignore the scales and BMI stuff as they don’t take into account your muscle (a 6ft bulit rugby player who weighed 16 stone but had 4% body fat was classed as obsese according to BMI!). I’m a PE teacher so very active with strong muscles and a “tyre” around my middle which I’ve always had. I’m proud to say that meratol has helped me loose 2 inch from my waist, 1.5 inch from around the largest point of my stomach, and 1 inch from my hips! I’ve lost no actual weight though- although this doesn’t bother me, it’s how I look. I’ve not been really good with my eating habits nor have I taken up any more exercise, but I have noticed that I’m not hungry inbetween meals.

    I’d reccommend these to anyone and I’m going to buy some more!

  99. been on Meratol for approx 5 weeks and still going strong!! I’ve never stuck to a diet for so long and dont feel like its any hassle sticking to it! I’m cravings for junk food just arent there any more! Im eating much healthier but havent been to strict and have eaten out maybe once a week. My weight has went from 12st 13lbs to 11st 11lbs and I am delighted!! I have another 5-6lbs to loose and know that will be no bother! Delighted with meratol and will be placing another order next week to keep me stocked up!!

  100. Had a few problems getting Meratol to begin with. My initial order was refunded because we had a delay of 5 weeks and no product. I thought it was a scam but my reckoning is that the website and company couldn’t cope with the initial flood of orders (after the Daily Express article) and it all went pear-shaped (rather like me !!).
    I have just received my second order which was delivered in four days from order placement. Have NOT weighed myself, only been taking it 3 days. I will give it at least 2 weeks before I step on the scales. I am going to write down what I eat (keep a log), reduce the white carbs a bit, up the protein a bit, drink more fluids and really see how it goes. My husband and I signed up for a whopping 4 months supply and I think that should be a decent enough test time. I am keeping an open mind – if it doesn’t work, so what! Weight loss is such an individual thing – some things work for some people, and not for others. Haven’t many side effects after 3 days – maybe slightly bloated feeling, a few extra trips to the toilet but nothing major so far – feeling slightly more energised. Have about 70lbs to lose but do exercise, Body Combat and Body Pump 3 hours a week and have a dog to walk and two young sons to chase after. Also have an underactive thyroid which is treated but have found it difficult to lose weight using many, many different techniques – am really hoping that Meratol will aid my weight loss adventure!

    • Hi,

      I am thinking about taking the Meratol, i to have an underactive thyroid which is treat, have you lost any weight by taking it? im looking to lose about a stone?

  101. As my final week draws to a close, i sit here one stone lighter. Meratol has worked for me, in my final week i have lost 3lbs and i dont care what anyone says, thats not down soley down to exercise and diet as i have had chocolate and my favourite cider this week (in moderation). Chuffed with the product and will be starting my second months supply tomorrow.

  102. Hi, just a quick question, have any of you taken more than the 2 in the morning? Will, that is fantastic, I am also still getting on well with it. Only at the start of week 3 but weight still coming off and even after cheat days. Will be ordering more xxx

  103. I am over the moon. I caught sight of myself sideways in the mirror, well OK, I looked on purpose, but I cannot believe how much slimmer I look! I have gone from 10st4 to 9st3 in just over 3 weeks and I am now wearing clothes I’ve not been able to fit into for 3 years. I must admit I am being careful with what I eat but I am not counting any calories and still have had the odd treat. Excellent results and I have another months supply to help me with the rest. I am rather short so want to get down to about 8st7 – 8st10. I feel great!

  104. I am still waiting to see if the tablets work. I ordered on 28/12 and still havent had my order !! I have sent 8 emails and made 3 phone calls.

    I spoke to the CS department on Friday 18/2 and they promised me them on next day delivery, nothing arrived then nor today either

    56 days from ordering and still waiting ……

    • I would ask for a refund (my initial order was severely delayed). I was refunded immediately. I then made another order over the telephone (once I was credited with the first one) and my new order arrived within 4 days. It worked for me this way. I was so stressed out waiting for the initial order that once I’d cancelled it, I felt much better. Our problem arose, I think, because we ordered from the website when the hype was just beginning and I think the website may have not been able to cope with the volume.

  105. Thanks H

    I dont think they would actually process a refund if their current service is anything to go by! I asked and was told they ‘didnt do refunds on the phone and that a Manager would call me’

    I had an email yesterday (after all of their CS Managers either refused to talk to me or failed to return my calls) saying it would be delivered today – I wasnt actually very shocked when it wasnt ….

    I have now reported them to trading standards and am going to take legal action to recover the money – its not a lot to lose but I dont see why I should let them have it

    • Wow that’s awful. I spoke to the customer service team via the capsiplex helpline (part of the same umbrella) and they were helpful to me. Maybe they could help you?

  106. Hey all! Ok so I read a LOT or reviews, bot good and bad, about Meratol and decided to give it a go. Whilst some people have not lost anything, the pills have really helped others, and that itself is inspiration enough for me! I can go to the gym 3-4 times a week and over the month lose next to nothing, so what I have got to lose!?
    I’ve followed the instructions and taken 2 with water this morning, but just a quick question if you don’t mind! Obviously breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” so how long after taking the tablets can I eat breakfast?

    I’ve got about 2st to lose so today is the start of a new me……armed with my meratol, my gym plan and my healthy eating plan hopefully I’ll be one of the success stories!

    Wish me luck! :)

    • Hi Fiona, they say to take the pills 30 minutes before breakfast. i am doing the same as you, gym, healthy eating and in the last 2 weeks alone i have lost 6lbs. Overall about 1 stone 3lbs

      • Great thanks Will. Today was my first day on them – I did have a few concerns after reading that some people felt dizzy and sick after taking them but no ‘side effects’ for me….so far so good….will be even better when they start to work!

  107. Hi all. Thought I’d add a quick update. I decided to delay the start of my pill-taking as I had the flu. :(

    Anyway, I have now been on them about 3.5 weeks. In that time I have lost 7lbs which I am very happy with considering I have been stuck on a plateau for ages, even with diet and gym three times a week.

    Week 1 I lost 1lb and weeks 2 & 3 I lost 3lbs. All this and I’d still managed to eat a Dominos Pizza and curry around my birthday! Normally I’d put on a few pounds after eating those.

    I still have one more month to use up but if it stays that successful, I shall be placing another order soon. I still have about 2.5stone to lose so fingers crossed.


  108. Hi, I ordered from the official website and they came within 3 days so it seems they are now as good as ordering from Ebay, the bonus being you get a £5 voucher with the website order.
    Still going well for me, I don’t put on now when I have slip ups so it really helps me stay motivated. Hope to keep on losing too xx

  109. Ok so I have no idea if these tablets actually work, or if its all in my head, but my biggest problem is I snack – nothing to do with being hungry, but it is out of sheer boredom at work. The boredom at work hasn’t changed, but my urge to nibble has, and its only been in the last few days. Now I know the tablets won’t have taken effect in the 2 days that I’ve been taking them, but I swear its more than just my mind. No longer to I sit and listen to my stomach growl as the clock approaches mid-day….and I’m loving it! I decided not to weigh myself until the end of my first week – I don’t want to become scale-obsessed, so I’m hoping for a positive outcome on Sunday!

  110. I have taken these three weeks and have not lost an ounce, what has surprised me is that usually on diets or diet pills you are constantly going to the loo, with these I have gone less than normal therefore retaining fluid etc instead of getting rid of it, I suppose my expectations have been too high in believing this would work.
    Very disappointed.

  111. Today I have had to find a belt to keep my ‘old’ jeans up! I was reduced to wearing only these jeans because I had become too fat for all my other pairs. Now I can fit into everything in my wardrobe and I feel great! I think I’ve lost over a stone but my scales are a bit dodgy but my clothes tell the story, and when I turn sideways in the mirror, wow, I look almost skinny! AND, this past week I have had a cream doughnut and fish and chips. Blooming brilliant!

  112. Both my mum and I tried them for a month, we only had between 7 – 14 pounds each to lose to get to our target weight. We both started with a completely open mind and obviously hoped for the best.
    The first week the tablets seemed to suppress our appetites, but left us both feeling bloated. Then as the following weeks went on we found ourselves craving junk food. Meratol did not work for us, we are 2 very active people who exercise regularly and have always watched what we eat, unfortunately it’s always that last few pounds that you can’t seem to shift and Meratol did the opposite. We gained between 2 – 3 pounds !
    I wouldn’t recommend or dissuade someone from trying these I would just suggest not use them unless you have a large amount of weight to lose.
    On the upside, I have since combined a detox, diet and exercise plan over the last 2 weeks and lost half a stone…
    Good luck to everyone else using Meratol

  113. An Update to 10th of Feb blogg.

    Still using the pills now two months in, I now don’t snack at all between meals, and I am eating small amounts at meal times. I was losing about 2 lb’s a week.

    I now have much more enegry so I have satrted swimming again twice a week and walk much more as well I am now losing 3 lb’s a week.

    To be fair not sure if this is all down to the pills, but the biggest and most helpful effect has been that I no longer want or need to snack.

    This alone is saving me about £35 a month so at £30 for 30 days supply, I am saving money.

    Start Weight was 306 lB’s now at 286 lb’s and still dropping

  114. Took the tablets religiously for a month without losing even a pound. Hope others more successful when they try them out.

  115. Guys

    I have been using these tablets since Jan 10th and have now lost 24 pounds which is great. I am on my third batch now and will definately be buying more

  116. I’ve also been taking meratol since the pills arrived mid january and have lost 16lbs. I have went from 12st 13lbs to 11st 11lbs and am delighted. I ran out of pills mid march for 2 days while waiting for the next batch to arrive, and found myself craving snacks in between meals which was my main downfall! Meratol definetly works for me and I will continue to take meratol to maintain my wait and cut out my cravings for junk food. I am spending approx £25 per month on the pills but in reality am prob saving far more and eating much healthier!

  117. Myself and my partner have been taking Meratol since the middle of January ie 9 weeks and neither of us has lost a single lb or kg (depending on your age!). Do we get an award for persiverance? I am fairly active (swim between 12km & 15km a week – yes you read it right between 12,000m & 15,000m) and eat healthy(ish) but haven’t lost any weight at all. It was good to find this site as this is the only site I have found of actual users reviews. I am now concerned that a) Meratol is a scam and b) what do these tablets actually contain. They haven’t had clinical trials and I have just looked at the first bottles we were sent and they don’t even have a list of ingredients!!! Now worried we might have been taking something that could actually damage our health. Will not be taking anymore Meratol.

  118. I’ve lost 1st 12lbs in 9 weeks :)

  119. I ordered mine Tuesday, arrived by Thursday! Great service! (got to collect them from the post office now as I wasn’t in when they were delivered) now just to put them to the test, will update on the progress :-)

  120. Took my tablets Saturday and Sunday any by Monday I had lost 1 pound! Seems like a good start!

  121. After having a slow but steady weight loss for a couple of months the tablets- for some reason- stopped working. Worse than that, put half the weight back on! Absolutely gutted…..Not changed anything, don’t particularly eat loads of rubbish anyway. Very disappointed. Have also noticed that the comments page on here has slowed down- wondering if this has happened to other people? Good luck to everyone still taking them!

    • Yes the same happened to me, nothing changed at all and the loss stopped then noticed a few pounds started to come back on so stopped taking them. I have a months supply left and wondering whether to start again. Confused!

  122. 1st week done! 5 pounds down! Very happy as my target was only 1 pound a week!!! :-) we shall see how it goes! I am just taking it in my stride! What will be, will be!!

  123. Ok it’s all gone a bit wrong! When I first started taking Meratol it really helped me and was a great weight loss aid. The weight came off nicely. Then out on nowhere, after about a month or so, the weight started to creep on. It was a bit of a shock as I promise I was still being very good. So I stopped taking it. Then for a month I was losing nicely again every week, without using it. I had a months supply left so thought maybe I should give it a go again just to help me keep the snacking at bay. And within 2 days I have put 3 lbs on!!!! I really don’t get it. So I didn’t take it today and won’t for the next week and see how I get on. Has anyone had this happen or can explain why it has? xxxxx

  124. Have been taking meratol for 20 weeks and doing weight watchers for 17 weeks
    I have lost 33 pounds, which in previous stints at ww I have not lost half of that weight in the same time frame.
    I am confident Meratol has helped.
    I think people need to remember that a healthy diet and exercise are needed also. No diet pill can perform miracles.

  125. Meratol didn’t work for me, I believe it actually made me gain weight even though I was on a low fat, low cal diet and exercised 30 mins daily. Save your money its not worth it.

  126. Ordered Meratol from the official website on wednesday evening and they came on friday afternoon with a £5 off voucher. Been taking it for 2 days now and have noticed already that my appitite has gone right down, im not bothered about snacking which is great! I havent weighed myself yet so im going to wait another few days before i do. I havent changed my diet as it is very healthy already ive just cut out proccessed foods. Im not doing any exercise yet to test the tablets and see if they actually do work.
    Ive struggled with my weight for years and decided that i had to do something about it now. Ill keep everyone posted, fingers crossed :)

  127. I have ordered a one month supply and am a bit concerned as it said there wasn’t any stimulants and then on the back it say’s it contains caffeine. i researched and could barely find any info but one website stated it has the same amount as a cup of coffee. is that per pill? i have a really low tolerance to caffeine and am a bit concerned

  128. Well here goes, I ordered mine on Sunday lunchtime 5th June and they came today Wednesday 8th June. I intend to give this my best shot. Joined the gym last autumn at a annual cost of £600, being going regularly since but lost nothing, have toned up a bit but my skirts, trousers etc are still tight. I will still go to the gym but hope Meratol will give me the kick start I need. Want to lose 2 stone. Am very excited at the prospect of having a slim new ‘confident’ me by the end of this summer. Will keep you posted.

  129. Hey everyone..
    I too ordered Meratol last week and i got the order today ;-) so its not a scam…whether it will work i dont know…will see..
    I read about it in Now Magazine where it stated that Lauren from The Only Way is Essex (show in UK) had been using it before…and she plans to use it again now to lose weight…! She is also the girl that appears on their online ad…
    Fingers crossed it will help me as i have 20kg to lose thanks to my baby weight…LOL

    Good luck all..


    • Hi
      I have been using meratol now for 3 weeks and like many others the only loss i have felt is in my pocket!!!!!! Was hoping for a quick fix but realistically if this product was as good as they say, there wouldnt be any fat people!.

  130. well ive used meratol for a week now and have lost 4lb ive been going to the the gym from 5th may 4 times a week for 2 hours and only managed to lose a couple of pounds saying that im alot more toned and they do say muscle is heavier than fat but the meratol defo work ill be sending away for my other months supply (maybe those it doesnt work for could take it with a calorie controlled diet to see results as with any slimming pill u cant just take a pill and eat junk and expect to drop dress sizes) at the start of taking these pills i didnt feel much different but afterr a few days the appetite suppressant kicked in so ill keep every1 posted nxt wed that will me be on then 2 wks!!!

  131. well just an update weighed myself this morning and have been taking meratol for two weeks now starting weight 13st 6lb this morning weight 12st 13lb grand total weight loss 7lb still eating a healthy diet and going to the gym 4 times a week for 2 classes a time combat and attack!

  132. Used for more than a week, 2 tablets in the morning with a full glass of water as indicated, last 3 days increased the dose to 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. No difference whatsoever so far. I’m doing some exercising as well, no too much tho – ab1h tights and bottom, 20min abs 3 times a week. I don’t eat too much. Will keep you posted.

  133. I have been taking these for nearly two months along with a restricted diet and
    moderate exercise so far NO weight loss although i have not felt hungry.
    I still have some tablets left so still have hope .
    I do feel that the claims in the Daily Express have been hyped up to promote

  134. Hi, it’s my first day using them today and I definitely feel very jittery and my hands are shaking, I definitely do not feel hungry which is extremely unusual for me, I’m a greedy girl! I took them around 9am and its 12, now, still feel the same, does anyone know how long these feelings last? Thanks x

  135. Just received mine! took two days and I got the £5 voucher too…good start. I’m dying to try them, but it says don’t take them at night time, anyone know why? Will have to wait until the morning and keep you all posted!

  136. I brought this product thinking ok lets see if it works and believe me I was very shocked. It is very expensive but in 1 week I lost 3 lbs so am very happy.

  137. Wonderful instruction and tips. Looking forward to lose a few pounds. I’ll provide some feed back soon after i attempt this. Regards!

  138. Amazing information and guidelines. Looking forward to lose a couple of pounds. I’ll provide some remarks immediately after i try this. Thank you!

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